Why We Became An Inbound Marketing Agency?

Inbound MarketingMany decisions in business are based on the intense analysis of research, projections and expert opinion. They are often calculated on a risk/reward basis and only taken after lengthy debate and consensus agreement. Founding woO marketing, as a specialist inbound marketing agency, couldn't really have been more different. And here’s why…

woO was created primarily on passion and belief, fuelled by a desire to see companies grow faster by giving their customers the exemplary buyer experience. As a result, marketing becomes a more strategic part of most company’s makeup, focused on delivering results. We at woO have a big hairy vision - To make the world's B2B marketing more profitable.

Well that’s all very well and good I hear you say, but passion is for football or music or Valentine's Day not marketing? I hear choruses of typical “fluffy” marketers getting carried away in a world of their own! However, once you've implemented inbound marketing, seen the results, experienced the benefits and reaped the rewards, it often becomes the backbone to all your marketing activity as it exactly reflects how customers buy today.

So here are 5 straightforward questions to test whether you too can share this passion?

  1. Do you believe that receiving marketing e-mails from companies who you have no current engagement with and who frequently you have never heard of, can be annoying, interruptive and can lead to a poor impression of their brand? 
  1. Do you think that most buyers these days (including you) chose to start their buying research online, often not quite knowing what they need, and would only chose to engage with sales directly when they are ready to buy to avoid being “sold” to? 
  1. Do you love it when researching online to solve your business needs, you easily come across information that helpfully and skilfully answers your questions? 
  1. Do you appreciate it when, having searched for something online and engaged with some content that has answered your questions, companies can anticipate your need and offer you the next piece of relevant information at exactly the right time in the right format? 
  1. Do you enjoy that feeling of confidence when you know that you have made a good purchase decision, where you felt in control, in possession of the full facts, not cajoled into a decision and you form part of a group of customers who have made the same decision and are delighted they did? 

All of these features make up today’s expectation of a good buying experience. B2B customers will contact a sales rep only after independently completing 60% of the purchasing decision process (CEB study of 1,900 B2B companies). Consequently this methodology is designed to engage with the customer earlier in the buying process, attracting them and nurturing them towards a purchase.

Average Cost Per Lead

Most importantly are the increases in profitability on offer. A Hubspot and MIT report found that 93% of companies using inbound marketing increased lead generation (56% by at least 50%). Inbound leads cost on average 61% less to acquire. More leads for less investment and measurable ROI leads to increased profitability.

So our passion for inbound marketing is about responding to customers in the way they want to buy and the measurability and numbers stack up as well, leading to an increase in the value contribution of marketing to any business, in short, we love it.

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