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Why Is No One Reading My Blog? How To Grow Blog Traffic


We've all been there - you slave away writing compelling, insightful, witty blog posts that are sure to delight, engage and entertain. You publish them on your website, optimise them with keywords and internal links and distribute them all over your social media. Then you wait for all the views. Where are they?

Well we're going to let you in on a little secret. You're doing all the right things already so that's great, but you need to do one more thing. You need to focus on growing subscribers.

Why do more subscribers lead to more traffic?

Blog posts have great long term ROI because they don't disappear after you publish them. Search engines and social networks mean that blog posts can be rediscovered in the days, weeks, months and even years after they were originally published. Which means that over time, the more posts you publish, the more internal links you can add to your site, the more opportunities you're creating to rank well in search engines and drive ongoing, sustainable traffic to your website.

It is often the case that old blog posts generates more leads and traffic as it takes time for your blog to amass a critical amount of content and search authority. But you need to create this same affect for new blog posts. This is where subscribers come in, they can provide the initial surge of traffic that your new blog post needs. This leads to social shares, inbound links and even more views by brand new visitors which helps your content in search engines. This translates into sustainable organic search traffic growth helping build the blogs long-term success.

Now let's turn to how to do this:

The first thing you should be doing is growing your email subscriber base.

The best way you can do this is by adding an opt-in check boxes to lead capture forms on your landing pages to give people an opportunity to subscribe to your blog. This means when they fill out a form on your landing page they can opt-in to automatically receive emails about new content on your blog.

It really works. Hubspot added opt-in buttons to their landing pages and they more than doubled their number of blog email subscribers from 2012-2013 (an increase of 47%.) Now of course there are other factors such as publishing frequency, quality, timing, subject matter and the usability that are practically impossible to isolate but there is enough data to suggest that opt-in buttons are effective.

Inbound Marketing focuses on the integration of lots of different factors which is why improving one area of your program often has a knock on effect on the other parts. Increasing subscribers to your blog is a great way of improving the visibility of your whole website, ultimately generating more leads and customers. 

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