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Which Social Platform Is Best For Your B2B Business?

Welcome_to_Social_MediaSocial Media has taken the world by storm and can no longer be ignored by businesses with a phobia of all things social. The opportunities for attracting and engaging with potential customers on a worldwide scale are undeniable, therefore businesses need to learn which platforms are the most appropriate. We've created a useful (jargon free) guide to help you pick the best platforms for your business needs.


Facts and Figures: 

  • 364 million users 
  • 79% of users are 35 or older 
  • Tech, Finance and Manufacturing are dominant users 
  • Ideally post 2-4 times a week 

Which businesses should use LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn markets itself as the 'Professional Social Network' so the best users are professionals and professional businesses. However, unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn demands much less time as it is less focused around creating revenue as it's counterparts in the social media sphere. It can be a useful resource for connecting with business contacts or for recruiters searching for candidates in a particular company or industry too. 


Facts and Figures: 
  • 302 million users per month  
  • Ideally post multiple times a day 
  • 46% users log on daily
  • 500 million tweets sent per day 
Which businesses should use Twitter? 

Again, both Twitter and Facebook should be used by all businesses wishing to engage with a social-minded audience. In particular, Twitter is appropriate for news, marketing, sports-related and retailers as tweets revolve around live reactions to events or promotions - however, Twitter is a great option for all businesses. Twitter is especially good for forging relationships with users through 'in the moment' interactions, helping to communicate effectively with your customer base.  


Facts and Figures: 

  • Users of Google+ are 67% male 
  • Only 300 out of the 540 million users are active 
  • Average age of a Google+ user is 28 
  • Ideally post 1-2 times a day 

Which businesses should use Google+? 

Bloggers, marketing businesses and those already on the other major social media platforms would be ideally suited for Google+. The site is primarily a platform for sharing content to like minded individuals and businesses, with great compatibility with Google Hangouts and YouTube.


Facts and Figures:

  • 500% more traffic from business owners than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • 20% Slideshare users come directly from Google
  • Infographics on Slideshare are liked 5x more than presentations
  • 60 million unique visitors per month

Which businesses should use Slideshare?

For B2B companies who are seeking to create high quality content, and are targetting like minded businesses, Slideshare is the platform for you. The platforms allows you to present your compelling content in a visual way, using tags and categories to make it easier to find by potential customers seeking information. 


Facts and Figures: 

  • 1 billion users
  • Half of Youtube users are on mobile devices
  • 50% increase in hours watched year on year
  • 300 videos are uploaded every minute

YouTube is the biggest video sharing platform in the world, and is a great way to engage a time deprived audience. Visual content is easily viewed on mobile devices as well as on desktop, making it accessible for everyone, whether they're on the go or not. Marketing Automation platforms, such as Hubspot, link to your YouTube account and help you track key metrics, such as number of views, that indicate success.

There's a platform for every business out there, whether you only use one or a combination of platforms, not being social is no longer an option. Don't waste your time on platforms that aren't appropriate for your business or your target audience, be selective but be active. 

Need some help on how to use social media? Why not read 5 Golden Rules for Social Engagement


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