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Website Redesign And Inbound: A Match Made In Marketing Heaven

31 December 2015
Chief woOER - Richard Burdge

shutterstock_305920304When you're eager to make the most of your marketing budget, and are planning to embark on an Inbound Marketing strategy, deciding whether to do a website re-design before or after Inbound is tricky.  

The logical argument might be to get your website re-design done first, to make sure your business is presenting itself in the best light when you launch your Inbound activities. Or some might say that re-designing after Inbound is the best option as you can learn from metrics and apply them to the design. 

So, which is the better way? Well, we think it's neither actually.  

In our opinion the combined execution of both website re-designs and Inbound strategy should be simultaneous as both present missed opportunities, yet together can overcome many of these. Lets explore why. 

The relationship between re-designing a website and inbound marketing is certainly mutually beneficial, with each one supporting and boosting the effectiveness of the other. In order to ensure that the relationship remains mutually beneficial when you begin to implement both at the same time, the following factors should be considered: 

1.) Website Structure: 

Creating a beautifully designed new website may be aesthetically pleasing but failure to implement essential Inbound best practice will leave you needing to make expensive changes down the line. Combining Inbound strategy, such as CTA placement, land page creation and lead capture form integration will save you time, money and man power. Instead of waiting until the end to consider implementing Inbound best practice into your new website design, do it continuously throughout the process.  

This method of continuous improvement is known as Growth Driven Design, which advocates improvements to your website on an ongoing basis, has replaced traditional methods of website re-design. Under this new method, users no longer need to dread the prospect of a massive, costly re-design project, instead making incremental changes as and when the need arises. In other words, implementing Inbound as you go through the continuous re-design process will make life considerably easier! 

2.) Content Alignment: 

Don't wait until your re-designed website is live before you start creating compelling content and putting it out on your website pages. Content is the glue holding all the pieces of the Inbound methodology together, so start creating it as soon as possible. If you haven't already, write a blog once a week to begin with and search engines can begin indexing your website pages. Getting started early means you don't have to start from scratch when the newly designed website goes live.  

Updating your website can be a good excuse to refresh your content too, giving you the opportunity to add new relevant keywords and topics which will resonate with your target audience.  

3.) User Experience: 

Successful Inbound Marketing strategies make use of research around buyer personas and the buyer process of the target audience. However, it is difficult to implement these changes after your website has already been re-designed, as it will not be tailored to the identified buyer personas and will therefore need re-working. Again, it will save you time and money re-designing your website and implementing Inbound Marketing at the same time. Wasting resources can be avoided by coordinating and combining Inbound marketing with your website re-designs and allow you to acing your Inbound Marketing Strategy. 

So there you have it, Inbound Marketing and website re-designs truly are a match made in heaven and we think they make a great team. Each are mutually beneficial to each other and so overcome the missed opportunities which may have occurred when doing these activities separately. Keep them working hand in hand and watch the results.  

For more on Growth Driven Design, why not read our blog on The Key Benefits of Growth Driven Design 

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