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The 8 Fundamental Rules For A Successful Inbound Marketing Strategy

21 February 2016
Chief woOER - Richard Burdge

At woO we are all about Inbound, but we understand that creating a successful Inbound Marketing strategy can be difficult. To help you out, we've created 8 easy steps to get you on the right track and achieve Inbound greatness.

1. Inbound is worth the investment

According to a study on the ROI of using the inbound marketing program, Hubspot, users experienced 4.77x more leads per month compared to previous months. So it's worth making use of the channels that deliver tangible results. Agree targets with your sales team and share the result, bringing the sales and marketing functions closer together as a result.

Remember: Tools like Hubspot make the investment a no-brainer, all your Inbound requirements are taking care of from one platform - so what are you waiting for?

2. Clutter busting content

It's a content jungle out there, so how should you stand out from the crowd in terms of compelling content creation? The key aim of content curation should center around inspiring, educating and entertaining your followers, not overloading them with sales messages. Keep them coming back for more with interesting content and they're more likely to become a top of the funnel lead.

3. Be human, don't broadcast

Having a message broadcasted to a mass audience can feel a little impersonal. Rather than creating content with your competitors in mind, add a human touch - create a conversation rather than one way dialogue. Show your customers you care about their opinions, ask questions and interact with users at a person to person level. A human, engaging feed is what will set you apart from your competitors so take the time to get it right.

4. Make use of calls to action

Having taken the time to attract visitors to your website, customers need to be able to navigate the pages easily in order to find information. Calls to action act as a signpost for visitors on your website, helping them to find the key information that will inform their decision to purchase products or services. CTAs are also a vital method of lead capturing, allowing you to gain access to lead contact information which can be used for nurturing activities at a later date. 

5. Seeing is believing

On-the-go lifestyles are the norm nowadays and your customer's attention span is limited to around 8 seconds. So, how do you engage your audience in just 8 seconds? Chances are, a word heavy website or social media post will not engage as effectively with a time deprived user as beautiful visuals. A visually engaging website will be far more likely to cut through the clutter and to differentiate from competitors.

6. Traditional Marketing is a thing of the past

With buyers now looking for products and services in an entirely different way to how they have previously, marketers must adapt in order to survive,delighting and engaging customers to convert them into leads. Traditional marketing is no longer effective, as the ability for customers to tune out unwanted marketing messages has put the power back in the hands of the consumer. Marketers should look beyond traditional methods to an inbound methodology, whereby engaging content is crucial to delight customers into becoming a customer. 

7. People power

Inbound marketing can be a tricky concept to master, so make sure your marketing team are fully clued up on analytics, digital know-how and experience. Most importantly, the team behind your marketing activities should be fully aware of company strategy and growth goals so that all efforts will be aligned to a common objective. To do this, sit the sales and marketing teams down together and set out shared objectives around the Inbound strategy and actions both departments will take to achieve these.

8. Give a little back 

Your opinion counts too so post your comments on websites that accept guest posts written by experts in the field (that's you). Once you've sought out the blogs that make up your ideal audience, writing articles regularly or posting insightful comments will label you as a thought leader and will likely help generate leads. 

After reading our 8 tips for success, take a step back from your Inbound Marketing strategy. How does it measure up against these top tips? Making a change now will help your Inbound strategy succeed in the long term so it's worth giving it some TLC. 


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