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The Balancing Act: Content And SEO For B2B Marketing

shutterstock_303434183There's no doubt that engaging content is crucial for SEO success, yet knowing how much or how little content to produce can be a fine art. We're dedicated to helping businesses make the most of Inbound Marketing so we've created this blog to help steer you in the right direction.   

Inbound marketing as a whole is influenced by buyer personas, and the effect they have on the type (and quantity) of content produced is significant. These varying personas consume a wide range of content marketing assets in order to inform purchasing decisions and shape understanding. Therefore B2B marketers should create content that caters for all personas relevant to their business in order to achieve maximum exposure.  

So how much content do you need to succeed at SEO? Well it does depend on the type of business you are and what frequency of content your audience will likely consume before it disengages from your brand. While this is mostly subjective, there are a few cases where best practice has yielded visible results on the effectiveness of SEO.  

Lets say you're a marketing software provider, how much content would yield the best SEO results for your business? 

For Social Media we'd say that daily updates on all platforms would be ideal. The dynamic nature of social media means that your audience will be less likely to disengage from daily updates on social platforms as they might if they were receiving blog content every day.  

For original content, such as blogs and e-newsletters, sending these out once or twice a week should be sufficient to achieve good SEO rankings. Using keywords and internal links within the blogs will also help to improve rankings and traffic to your website. Creating an internal company commitment to maintaining the frequency of these activities over the long term should prove effective, increasing the amount of organic search and potential lead generation activities. 

shutterstock_174393956-1Owing to the recent Google algorithm update, as well as relevant content, there are a few things to be aware of in order to remain optimised for SEO success:  

  • Google emphasises high quality content 

  • Mobile friendliness is a higher ranking factor 

  • Preference is given to secure websites 

  • Authorship bi-lines have been removed 

SEO and the creation of valuable content is an essential part of the Inbound methodology.

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