Checklist To Crack SEO And Achieve Success

shutterstock_154839731As one of the best ways to get your compelling content found online, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques are essential for businesses wanting to make the most of the millions of potential customers using search engines every day. Google users alone accounted for 11.944 billion searches per month in early 2014*, creating endless opportunities for your content to become more visible, aided by the effective use of SEO.     

We've created this handy checklist to show you how to make the most of search. 

1. Do Keyword Research

Having an understanding of what search terms your customers are using is essential for success. Conduct some keyword research to find out what the popular search terms associated with your business are. Google have created a helpful AdWords Keywords Planner to help you do this. Next include these in your content to help it become visible on search engines. 

2. Create strong content

Compelling content and SEO work hand in hand as part of the inbound marketing process. Now you know which terms your customers are searching for, you can create tailored, relevant content to add value and inform readers 

Top tip: Don't litter a single piece of content with keywords, make it sound natural!

3. Link back to your content

Whenever you create a new blog or piece of content that is hosted on your website, remember to link back to it on social platforms and in other pieces of content. Internal links are great for drawing the reader's attention to more than one piece of content at once.    

4. Get social

Gaining high quality links can be made easier if you're active on social media. Share your content on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and, in turn, your followers may share your content with others. This will signal to search engines that the content is good quality and help increase your ranking.

5. Use SEO techniques when blog writing

Creating a blog and using SEO techniques, such as keywords and internal links, will help your content be found by the right people i.e your potential customers. Blogs are a great way to engage with your leads and provide solutions to their business problems, and using SEO friendly techniques will only make this process easier. 

6. Keywords 

Use long tail keywords, which are three or four word phrases that are extremely specific to your products or services, rather than single words, to target potential customers using these search terms. Including these in blogs, website pages and social media content will help them be found by these top of the funnel leads. Once captured these leads can be nurtured and converted into sales.

Now you've read this SEO checklist, you have all you need to make the most of SEO and it's potential for making your compelling content visible to prospective leads. Being visible on search engines and to your target customer is essential for success and, with the help of the right keywords and compelling content, you'll be on the right track.

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