5 Tools Everyone In The Inbound Marketing Industry Should Be Using

5_tools_for_marketing_automationThere is no doubt about it, Inbound Marketing is set to become the 'go to' marketing approach of the future and savvy marketers are on the look out for tools to help make this process pain free. However, cutting through the clutter of apps and websites that supposedly do this, and finding the ones worth using, can take time. To save you the hassle, we've compiled WoO's Top 5 tools that we think everyone in the Inbound Marketing industry should be using. 

For those of you who don't know, Inbound Marketing is all about creating compelling content that attracts people to your business, optimising it’s visibility and converting leads into to customers. This is different to the intrusive and interruptive traditional Outbound methods, such as email marketing and Ads. We believe Inbound is the future of marketing.

1. Hubspot: The All Rounderhubspot_logo

Hubspot is a pioneer in the Inbound Marketing industry, with the term 'Inbound Marketing' being originally conceived by the co-founder of the platform. That aside, they have become one of the key players in the industry and are the 'go to' software service for many Inbound marketers - including ourselves!  

The Hubspot software brings together email, websites, SEO, Marketing Automation, landing pages, analytics, social media and blogging, all under one metaphorical roof.  What more could you ask for? Plus, as well as being extremely simple to use, this automated platform helps to streamline your sales and marketing process, to become it's most efficient self. You can also use other tools, such as Hootsuite and Evernote to compliment your activites on Hubspot, but if you choose not to, Hubspot will do the lions share of your Inbound Marketing from one platform. See our Pocket Guide to Marketing Automation for more information.

2. Evernote: Because Content is King


Think of it as an extension of your brain. Evernote is a great tool for downloading your thoughts when you're out and about, for curating ideas, knowledge or even to-do lists. Storing information can be used to create relationships with prospective customers, make blogs, create social content and so much more. Compelling content is one of the most important aspects of effective inbound marketing and Evernote has proven itself to be a valuable platform for organising your thoughts and clipping web articles that inspire you.   

Tip: If Evernote isn't for you, try Microsoft OneNote - they have many of the same functionalities and it's already built in to Microsoft Office. We're practicing what we preach - the woO team use OneNote often for collating information and sharing ideas. 

3. Hootsuite: Stay Social


Social media engagement is a fundamental part of Inbound Marketing and, with over 300 million users worldwide using Twitter alone, having a strong presence on social media presents a huge opportunity.  

Hootsuite allows users to publish content across multiple social media platforms, schedule content for future time periods, track social activity and analyse effectiveness.  

When attempting to build relationships through relevant content, being able to listen, converse and interact with your target audience is essential. Hootsuite allows you to do all these things from one platform.

4. Moz.com: Your One-Stop Shop for SEO

Moz logo

Hubspot has a good basic set of SEO tools, but Moz is a good complimenary platform, should you wish to take your SEO activities further. Most importanty, it's an essential way to make compelling content easy for your target market to find. Confused about keywords and link management? Moz does it all for you and helps you to track the keywords within a campaign., ensuring that relevant search terms used by your customers are included. Handy right? But don't take or word for it, try it out for yourself. 

5. Feedly: Doing the Leg Work for You


Feeling lost for inspiration when sitting down to write content? We've all been there. But luckily, Feedly has been developed to scour the internet via RSS feeds and bring together an array of relevant and interesting ideas into one central news feed.  

It can also be a useful way of keeping a check on what's happening in client's industries, so a win-win for both internal and external content creation. 

These are just some of our favourite tools for Inbound Marketing but there are plenty more out there. Try them out and see which ones suit your Inbound needs the best, and most importantly, make life simple. 

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