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4 Ways Your Content Can Attract More Visitors To Your Website

17 February 2016
Chief woOER - Richard Burdge

follow_trendsWith "92% of marketers now using content marketing" we've collected the best ways to keep you up to date. 

Content marketing is changing, and to make sure you're up to date on the latest best practice, woO Marketing have gathered the top four issues that you need to be aware of. Compelling content is crucial for inbound marketing success, so make sure you're ticking all the boxes and read our guide to find out how.

1. Get Mobile

  • We would be lost without our smartphones and think it would be safe to say, so would most of the UK.  

  • Smartphones have exploded with Deloitte estimating that 2/3 people own a smartphone in the UK and more than 1/3 of UK Survey respondents had made a purchase with their Smartphone.  

  • And we're addicted to them: 

  • So, having established that we go together with smartphones like chips and gravy, you produce all your content (emails, blogs, webinars) using a mobile first approach.

  • We're talking big fonts, infographics, short bursts of information that can be read on the go. Make sure your website is compatible for mobile, images appear in the right size and videos play correctly, otherwise you risk losing vital leads. 

2. Get Everyone Involved

  • I'm sure you're an interesting blogger (as is your boss) but if you're churning out five articles a week, there's a chance people may people will want a different persons perspective. 
  • Guest bloggers are great - capitalise on their followers and traffic by getting them to direct it to your site. 

  • Also if you can get someone who specialises in a particular area it adds a new dynamic to your blogging.

  • Make sure you also talk to all your departments the sales or support teams may have questions that comes up all the time which you could write a blog answering.

3. Embrace New Things

  • Google +, LinkedIn Pulse and Slideshare are all great platforms for engaging your B2B customers in a  professional manner and showcasing what you can do.  
  • Loads of companies and employees are signing up and creating a whole new network of content sharing  

  • Slideshare is amazing for uploading presentations which are more interesting with their bright colours and pictures. Oh and great content. It's also very good for mobile if in the right format.

4. Be Original. Be Opinionated. Be Organised.

  • No-one is ever really successful by sitting on the fence.  
  • You'll gain respect from writing passionately and informatively about a subject you know about. Obviously don't be overpowering or patronising but subtly include why you think the methods work or how they've worked for you. 

  • So many people are just retweeting and reposting other people's material without writing any of their own content. It's no fun reading through 100 HubSpot articles on my newsfeed each morning, we love it when we find relevant content where we learn something new and the authors put effort into engaging and educating their audience.  

  • It's important to portray your information in a helpful and digestible way. No-one wants to trawl through loads of text - break it up with pictures, videos and infographics to boost engagement.  

  • You can also create custom timelines on twitter and tweet about specific topics and events and showcase pages on LinkedIn meaning that you can segment content for audiences based on different aspects of their business.

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