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About woO


We founded woO from a partnership between Earnest (www.earnest-agency.com) and experienced inbound marketing practitioners. We aim to live up to our RARE values:

Relentless – if it can be better, make it better

Ahead – always think and act as leaders

Rewarding – wholly satisfying to work with and for

Exceptional – be the company our clients will always recommend

And we have a simple vision; to make the world's B2B marketing more profitable.


To be successful at marketing companies have to change.

Buyers increasingly resist poorly timed, pushy product communications and delay engaging with sales until they’re good and ready. To woO them is to wow them. Using the latest technology to improve performance, now is the time for marketers to stand tall and show their business the true value of marketing – so everyone profits.

What next?

Integrating inbound marketing with your existing marketing activity is the perfect match. And to prove it, over the first 12 months of working with you, we guarantee to improve the profitability of your marketing.

To get you started…….

We offer an end to end inbound marketing appraisal that will deliver an actionable plan to achieve your business targets.


Our people


Chris Wilson

Founder and Chairman

Chris is a founder and managing director of Earnest, an award winning B2B marketing agency. He has significant experience in inbound marketing and supports woO on commercial and client partnerships, having initiated many companies in inbound marketing and automated digital platforms.


Richard Burdge

Founder and CEO

Having first discovered inbound marketing and automation in the consumer sector working with companies like Sky and Vodafone, Richard adapted and implemented the same techniques for B2B. Since 2008, Richard has been delivering profitable digital and inbound marketing and brings extensive practitioner expertise to woO.


Paul Birks

Founder and non-executive director

Paul is a huge advocate of inbound marketing. Working with many fast growing companies, he’s seen the ROI delivered when inbound marketing that delights the customer, is coupled with purpose, performance and profitability, which is what he’s helping woO to achieve.

woO and Earnest are partners

woO was formed as a stand-alone agency in partnership with award winning B2B marketing agency Earnest. Whilst we work independently day-to-day, if suitable we’ll collaborate closely with Earnest for some clients – and for others, woO will often work with other agencies and service providers.

Find out more about Earnest here (www.earnest-agency.com).

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